The One Skill You Must Master if You want to Grow Your Business - Nathalie Dorémieux

Many freelancers that are struggling to get to the next level in their business make the mistake of focusing only on clients projects when they have work, and then hustle to find new clients when they have some time. That leads to a feast and famine cycle and brings stress and overwhelm, not to mention an irregular stream of income.

While clients should be a priority in your business, there is another client that you can not afford to neglect if you want your business to grow: YOU.

You need to treat your business as a VIP client.

And that needs to be non negotiable.

I remember all to well how overwhelmed and stressed I was not knowing when the next client would come.

Treating your business as a client means that you have goals, deadlines and tasks to get there and that you add them to your calendar just like you would do for a regular client. That could sound obvious but I know for a fact that we very easily let deadlines slip when it comes to working on our business.

So how do you make it work? You need to plan in advance and make sure you allocate time to work on your business. Ideally 1-2h per day if you can. If you feel that you don’t have that time to allocate to you business that can mean 2 things:
– you are completely booked with client work (and you should be making money so all is good)
– you are not working efficiently (and that can be fixed 🙂 )

if this is the latter, you need to start planning for your week in advance (I like to do it on Sunday) with a check-in at the end of each day to make sure that the plan for the next day still makes sense. If you plan in advance you can allocate at least 30min each day to work ON you business.

If you haven’t read it yet I strongly encourage you to read Michael Hyatt blog post on how to design your ideal week:
Are you treating your business as a client? Do you have time allocated in your calendar that is non negotiable? I do! Form me it’s 9 to 10am every morning. Hit reply and let me know!