3 Ways to get Recurring clients - Nathalie Dorémieux

What if all your clients could become recurring clients? I know that sounds idiotic but here are 3 ways you can drastically increase your % of repeat clients.

1) Offer some type of recurring service for the get-go.
In your proposal and even during the first consult, make sure they understand that you’re here to build a relationship with them and that you are not going away once the job is done.

Depending on the type of service you offer you could offer a monthly or yearly retaining where they would have access to you for a number of graphic design work (social media, a new ebook,..).

If you’re a developer, they might appreciate having someone they know they can reach if they need any tech help and that could be a monthly retainer as well.

2) Stay top of mind with your past clients.
Connect with them on social media, follow what they are doing and make sure they “see” you online, so that when they’ll need someone with your skills you will be the person they call.

3) Make sure that your client knows everything that you can do for them.
I still on occasion have a client tell me “Ho, I did not know you were doing that!”, on developing custom plugins for example, which is pretty obvious to us but not to them obviously.

Now I’m curious, what do you do to get recurring clients? Please share your tips below 🙂