3 Creative Ways to create a constant stream of leads

One of the main questions that I get asked by freelancers during our strategy sessions is “how do I get a regular stream of leads so that I don’t have to feel like I need to accept every project that comes because I don’t know when the next one will come?”

That’s what is called the feast and famine cycle and I have been there.

There are several ways to break the feast and famine cycle.
I am separating this topic on different posts so that I can get more into details.

1) Reaching out to past clients

Do you know Dani Johnson? If you don’t know her I strongly suggest you google her and find out more about her, you are going to either lover her or hate her.

I happen to love her because in some ways we have a similar past that we had to overcome in order to grow.

She made this experiment at one of her live events where she asked each participant as pre-event homework to make a list of 200 people that they have worked with or interacted with in the past.

She then asked them to contact them to find out if they needed their service or if they knew someone who did.

The response was overwhelming: 100% of the people that did the homework made money from sending that email! And some people made A LOT of money (in the 6 figures).
Sure, out of 200 emails they probably got a large majority of no, but think about it, if you can automate that process of reaching out, you can get yourself new projects from your past clients on a regular basis!

Reaching out to customers is something that we almost never do. We expect the client to remember us but the reality is that they don’t. You need to make sure you stay top of mind by regularly checking up on them and show them that you care and that you’re still there for them. I love it when I get a reply that says “Thanks for following up, I really appreciate it”. They might not need help right now, but at least I kept the relationship going so that when they do need help, they’ll contact me.

So, do you have a list of all your past clients? How often do you contact them?