This is for you if you’re a Woman Entrepreneur with a service-based business, you have some success and are making money, just not as much as you’d like!

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It’s time you start working ON your business not just IN your business.

You’re a solo entrepreneur and you’re awesome at what you do.
But you’re also stressed and overwhelmed and you’re probably constantly hustling to get new clients.


Sometimes it even feels like you quit a 9 to 5 for a 24-7!

You’re making some money and you are actually enjoying some of the projects you’re working on, but there are sometimes 1 or 2 nightmare clients that spoil everything and make you question if that’s what you still want to do.

I know exactly how you feel.

I was in that same position 4 years ago. If you don’t know me, I am shy and a big introvert. For 6 years my husband/business partner and I had been struggling and only making about $2K per month and we were constantly worrying about what next month would look like. We had lost tons of money on classes and programs, hiring managers and employes. After 6 years of hustling we had lost everything. We literally had no specific goal other than making it through the month. I was even questioning if that was really what I wanted to do for a living.

Through reading and watching videos online I realized that I needed to change if I wanted things to change.


I hired a coach that I knew would understand me because she had been in my shoes and succeeded in building a successful business as a web entrepreneur.

 She knew exactly what I was going through. With her help we properly launched the wphelpclub and everything started to fall into place.

Fast forward 4 years, my husband/business partner and I now run a multi-6 figure business building membership sites and online courses, sales pages and launch funnels for entrepreneurs as well as public figures such as James Wedmore, Nathalie Lussier, Kate Northrup or Melanie Duncan.


We crafted a Business Strategy that allows us to work with the clients we choose, to be more productive and to enjoy the process.


And that’s what my coaching program is all about.
I created this program because I want to help you build your dream business by working smarter, not harder, so you get to actually get a life outside of work and enjoy every minute of it.


This coaching program is a monthly program designed to get you focused with clear priorities so that you can achieve your goals and to keep you accountable too.
This is not a self-study program.

This program is not about throwing away your existing business model. It is about meeting you where are, with what you have, keeping what works, ditching what doesn’t and maximizing your earning potential.


Want to see if that’s for you? Schedule a free strategy session with me no strings attached



We will have one-on-one calls every other week via Zoom where we tackle one specific aspect of your business and craft a strategy to make it work better for you.You will come out of each session with a clear set of tasks to accomplish by our next meeting.


52-Week Accountability program

You’ll receive an email every friday with 1 tip and 3 questions you need to ask yourself.

$97 (1 payment)

You also get unlimited access to me via email.

You get unlimited email support from me during those 3 months. I will get in touch with you by emails on monday mornings the weeks where we don’t have a one-on-one call, to touch base on where you’re at and if you need any assistance/guidance to accomplish your TODOs.


You’ll also get a sneak-peak at how I run my business.

I’ll share with you my processes, the tools I use and how I landed those big clients, the big lesson I learned, and how you can land them too (if that’s the kind of client you want to work with).

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This program is not for everyone. This program is for you if:

– You’re a service-based entrepreneur with a deep desire to CHANGE the way you operate your business in order to see tangible results.

– You’re super talented at what you do, you already have some clients and are making some money

– You can commit to allocate time to work ON your business

If this sounds like you, click the button below and let’s talk.

Let’s Talk

After an amazing strategy call with Nathalie I just finished 2 of the tasks that needed doing! Thank you so much Nathalie.

Sofia Pacifico

I wish I knew you sooner! You know what you’re doing. Your an easy personality. Thanks to you I will be launching in January and I’m confident with having results. Most importantly you listen and you translate what you hear effectively to fit the clients needs. This is not easy for most people. think your amazing. Thank you for the awesome work that you do.

Francesca Alexander

When it comes to WordPress and websites, I don’t make a move without Nathalie and Olivier from WPHelpclub. I completely trust them with my sites. Not only are they very professionals, they are awesome to work with. Constantly deliver and always up to my challenges. I 110% recommends them

James Wedmore

You’re amazing at what you do! I am do glad I ran into you at PLF live! Thanks to you I know exactly where I am going with business.You know what you are doing and are so good at helping others!

Lesley Lind

I only wish that I had found Nathalie earlier in the process. It would have saved me an enormous amount of time, energy, money and frustration.

Elise Museles

I cannot thank the WP Help Club enough. Nathalie was so professional to work with, and yet I soon thought of her as a friend. Her prompt organized emails kept me posted on where she was at with my requests for help, suggestions for improvement and eye for design were much appreciated. Definitely will be my go to person when I need help!

Pam karlen

I didn’t understand the world of coding so I wanted to make sure that I knew what to expect and that it was a sound financial investment. My results were a beautiful, fully functioning website that my customers and clients love. I loved the fact that you were a professional in development and any question I had, you were able to answer effectively. Your price point was great and you delivered what was promised!! I recommend using you. You’re knowledgeable in the service you provide and you do a great job.

Tiphani Montgomery


Simply schedule a free consultation with me (no strings attached) so that we can chat and see if we’re a mutual fit.